Riverside Vineyard, Whitstable Youth

Our goal is to see Jesus impact the lives of young men and women and shape them to become more like Him.

We have a passion for building up young people who will worship God through the good times and the bad, who are excited about having a relationship with Jesus, who desire to study their bibles, pray and see things happen, and who have a heart to reach out to the community in which they live. 

We have plenty of time to hang out, play games, learn more about Jesus and pray for one another. Lots of sweets and food are also involved! We are serious about having fun but also serious about passionately following Jesus.



The youth stay in the main auditorium for worship and then school years 7- 10 join the '3:16' group for their own activities.

For more information please contact Keely Bateson using the form below:- 

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