February Reflections

Our theme for this month is “Overflow”. The apostle Paul describes a situation in his letter to the church at Corinth where the “overflowing joy” of the believers in Macedonia welled up in “rich generosity”.

Our heart for the family we call Riverside is that we would become an increasingly generous church. As God pours His love and life into us, we want that to overflow and touch the people around us.

Living a life of overflow means we cascade down to others, what God has entrusted to us. This may be our time, it may be our energy, it may be our resources, it may be our money. Stewarding in this way means we live a life that reflects God’s heart of generosity.

The believers that Paul wrote about had in fact very little. They were in the midst of a “severe trial” which could have limited their generosity. But they were living lives of overflow, believing that God had given them a “grace” of generosity which even surpassed their adverse conditions.

Keely and I believe that Riverside has a grace of generosity. You only have to look around our wonderful facility, and the impact it is having on the community, to see evidence of this. This year we want that overflow to increase in every way.

Think about your own life as being like a cup and reflect on all the things that your loving heavenly Father has poured into it. Culture tells us, if your cup is getting full, then get a bigger cup. Jesus declared this course of action foolish and warned against it in his parable of the bigger barns (Luke 12). A better choice is to let the overflow from your cup result in richness towards God and towards others.

This year let us pray for the “charis” of God’s grace to result in increasing overflow in our lives and our church.


Simon & Keely