October Reflections

Our Growbaby ministry was launched in June this year, with the vision to provide good quality, new and second-hand baby clothes and equipment (up to 5 years), completely free of charge, to anyone who needs a little extra help – regardless of their income, background or faith.

Over the summer we had lots of donations from people in the community and our boxes of clothes filled up quickly. However, it was a slow start in terms of people knowing who we were and how they could access us. We kept praying - trusting that as we stepped out in faith, God would send the people to us.

In the last couple of weeks, we have had amazing growth, seeing over ten new clients. We have been able to bless pregnant mums with all they need to start up, help mums of new babies with moses baskets, clothes and other equipment and we also gave away a baby walker and a trike for a 7 month old little boy.

We have had some lovely feedback from people who say they just feel so blessed. It seems that word is now spreading, but let’s keep sharing about Growbaby so we become known in the area for extravagant generosity.

Another project that is seeing blessing and growth is Haven. This is a project supported by Churches Together in Whitstable, giving a place where rough sleepers can go to get out of the cold, have a shower and get a change of clothing, get some nice food and just be in a warm, friendly space. It has been open on a Wednesday afternoon at St John’s Methodist for nearly two years and this week we are so excited that it will be open on a Monday afternoon also.

Both of these ministries are run by volunteers and so always need more help. If you can help on a Monday with Growbaby – maybe once or twice a month – to sort clothes and meet clients, then we would love you to join the team. Or perhaps you can just help by taking a bag of clothes home to wash and bring back to us. If that’s you, please speak to Kath Haines. Similarly, if you can help at either of the Haven afternoons, please let Keely know.