September Reflections

September always feels to me like an exciting time of year where we start new things and look forward to growth and lots of kingdom activity.

Hopefully you have seen the publicity around and already know that we have our Alpha Course starting in a few weeks’ time.

Alpha began over 30 years ago in a church in central London called Holy Trinity Brompton. It became an effective way to engage people who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves Christians or typically go to church. The format was simple – over a number of weeks, guests gathered together to eat food and chat, hear a talk on the basis of the Christian faith and then have a discussion together in small groups. Many thousands of people started to respond and say yes to a new way of doing life, following Jesus. For so many people, Alpha was the catalyst that began or restored their relationship with God. That’s why we do Alpha – to give people the opportunity to encounter Jesus for themselves.

Over the last 20 years it has spread all over the world reaching over 29 million people in 169 countries and has been translated into 100 different languages.

Having conversations about faith, life and Jesus can be hard - but it doesn’t have to be. Alpha creates a space where our friends, family and neighbours can be invited to explore the meaning of life in a way that’s relaxed and respectful.

Our prayer is that Alpha will be a place where people will feel welcome and safe to bring their questions and thoughts and ultimately encounter Jesus in a life changing way.

Would you like to come to Alpha? Do you have friends, family or work colleagues who might respond to an invitation? Everybody is welcome so please pray about who God wants you to ask.

The Alpha Launch night is Wednesday 4 Oct - 7.30-9pm. Who will you invite?

To book your place, please pick up a flyer and register online, fill in an invitation and post it in the post box in the reception area or sign up at the Alpha table on a Sunday.

Every blessing, Keely