About us…

We are so grateful for the rich history of Riverside Vineyard Church, Whitstable. Looking at the timeline below you can see how far the church has come since it was planted in 1925.

Our history is really "His-Story", the story of God working in the lives of ordinary people over many decades.

Our story continues today as we press into all that God has for us and for our community.

Our vision is that we would see a growing number of people who "give glory to the Lord, and declare his praise in the coastlands." (Isaiah 42:12).

We would love you to journey with us...

The church we see...

  • We see Riverside as a place of welcome and acceptance. Where people from all backgrounds are invited to explore faith in Jesus in an accessible, relevant way.

  • We see Riverside as a place of God’s presence, where people can encounter His love and life-changing power.

  • We see Riverside as a place where people are equipped and trained to do life well and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We see Riverside as a place of compassion, where people are loved and supported through life’s challenges.

  • We see Riverside as a house of prayer, where we learn to partner with God in the place of prayer to see our communities transformed.

  • We see Riverside as being 'good for everyone', becoming a positive, generous presence in our town as we seek to reflect the person of Jesus.


Our History...

The church began with meetings in this tent in 1925.

The first

The first church building was constructed in 1927 for just £554.

The church grew and a new building was constructed in 1933.

The factory site that is now home to Riverside church was purchased in 2014.

Extensive refurbishment took place with the help of Martello Building Consultancy and construction company Jenner. 

We moved into our new facility in May 2016 thanks to the generosity of everyone who gave their finances and time to the project.


On May 13 2018 Riverside was adopted into the Vineyard Church movement and became Riverside Vineyard Church, Whitstable.

Our vision now is to convert the remaining part of our building into a "Community Hub" including a sports hall and compassion centre.

Our vision now is to convert the remaining part of our building into a "Community Hub"  including a sports hall, youth room and compassion centre. 

Community Hub.png

Proposed design for our Community Hub.